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Potions Class Prototype has Arrived

My prototype for Potions Class arrived over the weekend. I wasn’t able to get an unboxing video, I was far too impatient, and was too busy to get time to sit down and record my own high pitched squeals of joy as I ferociously dug at the packaging to unearth my treasure.

Off the bat the outside box came incredibly dark, but since this was partially also a test printing to see the quality I could expect from Game Crafter I was expecting as much for the box and printed different tones one both side to judge how far I should lighten things for the next run.

Upon opening the box I figured out how convenient it would be for users to keep the box organized with the deck of cards and the dice (This is always a pet peeve of mine with games where they give you a jumble of cards and components and a box, with no way to organize it). Each component had a little parts bag to fit it so the cards and dice will be organized in box (Third picture).

The sticker sheets all turned out perfectly, the colors were just as I hoped and weren’t too dark. After assembling the dice they rolled well and the stickers seems like they should hold up for a while. I would love custom dice for the game, but the cost of having to go to an actual manufacturer for it would be high. For now stickered dice work perfectly.

The cards also were far better than I hoped. The colors on the front came out great, and the backs were as designed (Though, my design itself needs some lightening and probably redesigning at some point). I can’t wait to get the final face artwork on them so I can really get the feel of how they will appear and fit in with the rest of the game concept.

So now the playtests can really begin. I need to make sure my rules are solid so I can attempt to blind playtests, and I also want to work on setting up a print-and-play copy for download through the site. I may work on having that up just as soon as I rework a few simple little things that I’ve noticed already.

I should have more updates soon for this one.

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Game Crafter Prototype On Order

After a small break I have finally sent all of the files for my game Potions Class to Game Crafter to print out the first prototype print. For now I’m using a prototype box design and the cards are still missing their primary graphic, but I have updated some wording for a few of the unclear cards. I may post an unboxing video of the prototype when it arrives. I am also hoping to use the prototype to create an instructions video, these seem to be great for the Game Crafter store.