The 10 Best Solitaire Games for Mobile

As I come into my own of being 30, having two kids, and losing a lot of available time for games, I find myself looking for quick experiences to enjoy on the go when I have some free time.

I’m also a big fan of tabletop and card games as the industry is currently busting at the seams with new and interesting entries, but also find that coordinating a regular game night with a group of adults, some with kids and some without, is a pretty daunting task.

I’ve found myself looking more for engaging games, that fill short amounts of time in a day, on mobile. Solitaire style games in particular offer the fast gameplay, tabletop feel, and challenge that really satisfy what I’m looking for. Below are the 10 best that have captured the most amount of my time. Continue reading “The 10 Best Solitaire Games for Mobile”