One Night Ultimate Sheriff

One Night Ultimate Sheriff is a fan-made mashup of mine that combines the speed and hidden roles of One Night Ultimate Werewolf with the theme, characters, and bluffing gameplay of Sheriff of Nottingham. This was originally created because of a Twitter post about how Sheriff Of Nottingham either was, or was not, considered a “card game”. I was on the side that it was and somehow the conversation twisted and spun until I blurted out the idea of One Night Ultimate Sheriff. It was originally conceived as a joke, and then I decided to make it real as a fan-made creation.

I do not own either property, and I haven’t used art from either just yet. This PnP of the game is purely for entertainment purposes and I do not plan to charge any money for this version. Though a retheme and name change could lead to a more legitimate game. For right now this is a gameplay test PnP that I am actively seeking feedback on. You can get the files below:

PnP File Bundle