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Potions Class

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Press-your-luck to be the first student to pass Potions Class. Roll the dice to score points and craft potions to stay ahead, but be careful—your classmates can brew trouble!

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Take a risk and roll the dice in a magical potions class. Complete rounds of potion making to accumulate points and be first to pass the class. Play it safe by earning extra credit along the way or press your luck to finish first and risk flunking out. Craft your own concoctions to jump ahead—may the cleverest student win!

– 6 Blank Dice
– Dice Stickers
– 28 Potion Cards
– 6 Player Reference Cards
– Rules

Each player takes a turn by rolling the dice. Score points and craft potions with every roll. Players can end their round at any point to bank the points they have collected, or push their luck to score higher and earn extra credit. Risk failing the test if you cannot score any points or craft any potions on a particular roll. Excel by crafting your own potions or earning extra credit.

Potions Test:
1. Reveal potions to brew
2. Play any potion cards labeled “Start of testing”
3. Roll dice
4. Score dice totals, craft potions, or fail the round
5. Passing students can choose to stop their round or keep rolling for extra credit

Once a student has 100 points the potions test ends and all remaining classmates get one round to try and catch up. After the final player has rolled, the player with the highest score wins. If two or more players are tied, they battle it out to the death.

Note: The free PnP of Potions Class is available on The Game Crafter page as well. So check that out too!

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