The Second Death of the Phantom Cast

As triumphant as my last release of the PhantomCast felt, it was also the last nail in the coffin. I enjoyed doing the cast but my commute has changed. I am riding the bus now to and from work so I have no alone time to just sit and let my brain unload. Luckily this actually had another positive effect. I have gotten to spend more time revisiting old designs, and working on my RPG system.

I have now gained roughly 1 hour a day where I can sit and just write down ideas and let the creative juices flow. It’s actually become an uplifting part of my day. I don’t have to waste such precious time in traffic. Before I felt the PhantomCast was the best use of that time, but with the new commute comes a new level of renewed interest in designing games.

So the PhantomCast is down for the count until my situation changes again, but I hope for my designs sake it stays this way for some time. Thank you to everyone who listened, or really anyone who listens in general. 

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